Miranda Hodge

Barnet-based funeral photographer

Funeral photography by a discrete and caring funeral photographer.

A funeral is a tribute to and memory of a person's life. Images are a powerful way to capture the emotions of an event or occasion. Photos taken of a memorial service are a lasting tribute to those who have passed away. I'll capture people's emotions; grief, hope, love and loss, without being intrusive. I'll capture those moments: gestures and small touches which can be missed at the time.

Such photos can be a comfort to help you through your time of grief and bereavement. Photos can assist the bereaved in talking more easily to family and friends, about their loss.

It should also not be overlooked that funeral photos can be beneficial to friends and family members who are unable to attend the ceremony. I can photograph all aspects of the funeral; the hearse or carriage, memorial stone, the memorial service; flowers, guests and coffin.
In addition, arrangements can be made to take photographs of special aspects from the deceased's life, possessions, home and garden may be taken to round out the package.

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